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Cheap Oakleys fashion spirit and the Chinese dream

Cheap Oakleys fashion spirit and the Chinese dream
 Scott Bowers, the senior vice president of global marketing and brand development at Oakley, he sat gracefully in front of reporters, leaning forward.Behind him, a cool Oakley product on a display shelf competes for attention.
When it comes to interest, Boles gets up and removes a pair of cheap Oakley sunglasses from the display.Only then will you find that Boles has an athletic physique and a sportsmanship that is in harmony with Oakley's sports sunglasses.Actually, before entering Oakley, Boles was a skier, and the goggles he was wearing were sponsored by Oakley.
 Cheap Oakley Sunglasses
 Cheap Oakley Sunglasses

Since 1988 joined Oakley, he was busy in brand management. He has increased Oakley's exposure through non-traditional Olympic sports marketing, making Oakley one of the three top related brands in the Olympics.Naturally,for his remarkable achievements, he was named "100 marketers of the year" by Advertising Age magazine in 2001.
Everything contributes to Oakley never give up the spirit of fashion.The successful transformation of athletes into marketers, everything is not so accidental. In fact, in the marketing team led by Boles, there are more than 50 members are retired or retired athletes.
" These patterns are very successful . " In Boles ' s view , the benefit of the athletes ' experience in doing marketing is that he can better understand what the athlete ' s needs are.He understands what the sportsman's lifestyle sports model is all about, and he can also really understand how important it is to do a certain sport, all of which adds a lot of value to my work, and that's not something I can teach. You have to experience it first hand to get it.
You never know what the Oakley brand gave for consumers.Oakley also places great emphasis on sponsoring active athletes to use their products in high-level sports."Getting athletes to wear the product itself has a very high rate of return on investment, and getting athletes to wear cheap Oakley sunglasses is faster than any advertisement, and the return is higher." Boles clearly has a special interest in the brand he serves.

In his eyes, cheap Oakleys products are unique and exceptional. "Oakley's products look different. As long as you wear it, you will be different, especially when you do exercise by a pair of cheap Oakley sunglasses.You will find everything is worth before this brand!

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